Check out my newest blog, Freedom Is Moral

On January 1st I launched a new blog, Freedom Is Moral.

What’s the focus?

The focus on that blog will be the concept that when you consider all the options, freedom is the moral choice.

Whether you want to discuss economics, political systems, or religious worship, the moral option is the one that involves freedom.

Why a new blog?

The concept is that a blog should have a tight focus so that people interested in that topic can get the info they want. If there are too many areas covered, readers lose interest.

For example, there is some overlap in people who are interested in nonprofit issues and CPA attestation issues.  Me, for example. And many of my CPA colleagues who serve the NPO community.

However, many CPAs aren’t interested in what’s going on in the NPO world and most people working in the NPO arena don’t want to pay attention to discussions on how to conduct an audit.

I’m starting my new blog with many posts from Outrun Change.  I want to have far deeper discussions of freedom than would fit within the focus of Outrun Change.  That means my talking about economic, political, and religious freedom may or may not be interesting to anyone reading my other blogs. Thus, a new blog.

If you are interested, check out my newest blog, Freedom Is Moral.

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