“Thank you for your service”…

…is the frequent expression of appreciation from someone who notices another person wearing a ball cap indicating they’ve served in the armed forces.

I was told that recently.

My wife and I were touring the USS Midway museum a few weeks ago. I was wearing a baseball cap that says ‘US Air Force”.  I have several things pinned to the cap that identify what my rank and specialty were.

I bought something in the gift shop. After I handed over some money, the young man running the register stuck out his hand, said “thank you for your service”, and shook my hand. Then he gave me my change.

Attitudes have really changed since the Vietnam era vets came home.

I was just sitting on the Dakota plains while serving. No one was shooting at me. So I was a bit embarrassed for the thank you. I graciously accepted it for myself and in my mind accepted it on behalf of everyone serving today. 

To all soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, and Coast guardsmen on active duty, please, please know that Americans appreciate what you are doing. That guy at the register couldn’t shake your hands, but I think he would if he could.

To all of you, I say thank you for your service.

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