Wages of fraud – loss of licenses

The sad tragedy of fraud in a neighboring city is in the next to last chapter. Yesterday one of the admitted middleman in the Upland bribery scandal was sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison.

The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin discusses the case and sentencing in their article Co-defendant in Pomierski case is sentenced to one year.

Previously I described the wages earned from a felony conviction.

Add to the high cost the probable loss of any professional credentials or state licensing necessary to do your job.

{This defendant} was previously a real estate broker, but lost his license due to the conviction.

(There’s no value for my articles of describing the other individuals’ names. Once a person has been convicted or signed a plea agreement, their name is fair game, but I will still omit their names.)

I seriously doubt he will ever get his license back. That means he can’t work in the field where he has training and a lot of experience.

This individual had been able to do some work. He got a consulting job, which his attorney indicates he will probably lose. That makes sense – it’s sort of hard to do consulting work from behind bars. The wages of fraud include losing consulting projects you’ve been able to scrounge up.

Other defendants

I missed the article on sentencing of another defendant last month. There is one to go. From the article:

Upland contractor … was also named in the indictment and pleaded guilty. He was sentenced in August to six months in prison and six months on house arrest.

{The remaining defendant}, who has also pleaded guilty, is set to be sentenced Oct. 1.

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If I’m understanding the case, that makes one conviction at trial and three guilty pleas. The sentences so far are two years in prison, one year & a day in prison, six-month prison & six months house arrest, with one sentencing to go.

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