Because of Americans who have fought over the last 236 years…

… yesterday I worshiped at a church that preaches what my group believes without the government caring what we proclaim.

…yesterday I led a Bible study explaining the Scriptures the way my group interprets them.

… this morning I browsed the sample ballot for the primary election a week from now and pondered who I will vote for in a free election in which I get to cast a secret ballot.

…tomorrow I will return to work in my own business pursuing my financial interests in the way I wish to do so and will keep the proceeds of my work after I pay a readily calculable tax to the government without fear of expropriation.

… I write this blog post with more freedom to say whatever I want than most people on the earth have today and with more freedom than most people throughout history ever dreamed of.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Update 6-6-12: Today my wife and I voted in our state’s primary. Thank you again to the heroes who laid down their lives to buy freedom so I can walk into a polling station and cast a secret ballot without fear.

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