Tweets I wish I’d sent from the 2012 Chick-FIl-A LeaderCast

  • #JohnMaxwell   People without passion in life are already dead – – they just haven’t made it official
  • #AndyStanley    Questions to clarify your thinking – #1 what would my replacement do?
  • #AndyStanley    Questions to clarify your thinking – #2 What would a *great* leader do?
  • #AndyStanley    Questions to clarify your thinking – #3 What story do I want to tell? (legacy)
  • #JohnMaxwell   Bet on yourself – Your best investment is you
  • #AndyStanley I’m not the smartest person around here. I’m just the leader.
  • #TimTebow   don’t worry about what you can’t control – critics and what they say
  • #TimTebow   focus on what you can control – your attitude and performance

I had a great time watching the LeaderCast.  After going through my notes a couple of times, wish I’d sent the above tweets.  I have a few more thoughts here and here.

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