e-fax – Electronic facsimile services are really inexpensive

I changed my e-fax provider today.

If you hadn’t thought about it before, or were unaware, you can buy an electronic fax service that puts faxes into your inbox via email.  You can dump your fax machine.

Each time I change providers, I find out that the services have gone up and the cost has gone down.

This time around I learned it is a common feature to be able to send a fax from your email software. Just enter the recipient’s fax number plus an extension as if it were an email address, add attachments, and hit send.  Your fax is on its way.  Cool.  Oh, toll-free numbers are now available for no extra charge.


On an annual plan you can get good plans for $3.95 or $4.95 a month that could work for small ministries.  Would work great if you want to set up a fax number for each staff person.

Here are two places you can go to get reviews of several providers:

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