Three skills for living in a social media world

There will be three career fields in huge demand in the social media world. That is the idea Mark Schaefer presents in his blog, {grow}.

I discuss this in my post Three Skills for Living in a Social Media World at my other blog, Outrun Change.

At an individual level, I think these three careers point to skills each of us need to develop if we wish to function in a world dominated by social media.  The career fields and individual skills are:

  • Career field ==> individual skill:
  • Journalism ==> storytelling
  • HR/change management ==> adapting quickly to change as an individual
  • Statistician ==> extracting value from the data surrounding us

People working in ministires are probably stronger at story-telling, which means that change management and understanding data will take more intentional work.

Check out my other post for more details.

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