This is how you apologize

In its October 22 edition, The Economist issues An Apology to Rachid Ghannouchi.

The magazine restated two comments it made the previous week.  I’m not tracking the backstory, but am interested in what is happening in Tunisia.  I’m don’t understand the implications of the statements, but guess there are some major side issues.  However, the magazine then says they were wrong.

We accept that neither of these statements is true: Mr Ghannouchi has expressly said that he accepts the Code of Personal Status; and he never threatened to hang Ms bin Salama.

No quibbling. No ‘we were misunderstood.’ No ‘we misstated our idea.’

Simply we were wrong.

We apologise to him unreservedly.

None of that ‘we are sorry you were offended’ stuff.

Just ‘we apologize.’

How refreshing.

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