I have lots of servants helping in my home and business

After reading some comments in Russell Roberts’ book, The Price of Everything, I realized that I have a lot of servants hard at work in my home.  I have a huge number of servants working in my business.

See a partial list of servants who are hard at work at my other blog, Outrun ChangeI Have Dozens of Servants in My Home and Business.

Quite seriously, if didn’t have these servants working in my business I would have to hire a secretary/stat typist/file clerk for 10 or 15 hours a week and a staff accountant for 30 or 40 hours a week.  Would have to have additional office space for them to work in.

Wow.  Those servants are saving me a ton of money.

Started my review of Mr. Roberts; book in my post, Introduction to the Price of Everything.

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