Extension of deadline for California firms whose first Peer Review report is due July 1, 2011

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Extensions available!!!

Just a reminder, California now has mandatory peer review.  First deadline is rapidly approaching for firms whose first peer review is due July 1, 2011.  This would be CPAs whose licenses end in 01 through 33. 

The Cal Society has a memo on their website allowing extensions.

See announcement here.

To get an extension, a firm must:

(Click on links above to find the forms.)

If you your peer review isn’t close to done, it would be wise to get moving and take advantage of the extension.

A directory of firms that can provide peer reviews can be found here.  By my count, there are 71 firms listed in California. You will see there is a wide variety of firms in terms of firm size, location, and industry experience. You should be able to find a few firms that match your firm.  You can find someone who matches or differs from your size. You can find someone in your area (to hold down travel time) or outside your area (if you don’t want a local competitor learning *anything* about your practice).

(Warning: self-promotion follows – – if you look in the directory, you will see my firm is listed as a provider.)

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