Fables and parables as a means of teaching and persuasion

Using fables to explain complex issues in an entertaining way. What a great idea!

Of course I’m just catching on to what others, like Patrick Lencioni and Kenneth Blanchard, have been doing in print for a decade (or three).

Now the fable telling is active in the visual arts.

I’ve written about QE2, which has two cuddlie bears explaining the damage caused by loose money and an easy-listening version of the same overall issue.

Also posted about the two rap videos featuring Keynes and Hayek here and here.

Well, I learned while writing the post about the Fight of the Century that one of the drivers of the EconStories web site is an economics professor who wrote a fantastic book I read a year ago. Professor Russell Roberts wrote The Price of Everything – A parable of Possibility and Prosperity.  It is a great book that I want to discuss later.

Found out with a bit more research that he wrote two more books in the fable format. They are both on my reading list.

As you might imagine by now, I heartily recommend the videos at EconStories and any of the books written by Prof Roberts.

Creative story telling which can illustrate, educate, and persuade. Superb idea!

I’ll have a fun announcement of my little bitty burst of creativity later today.

In the meantime, check out those fables.

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