Choose your attitude

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” – Abraham Lincoln.  Today’s explanation of that theme is from Seth Godin, which I quote in its entirety:

An acre of attitudes

Anne Lamott relates an image from a friend in her great book on writing, Bird by Bird. My version:

Everyone is given an acre of attitudes at birth. It’s yours to tend and garden and weed and live with. You can plant bitterness or good humor. Feel free to fertilize and tend the feelings and approaches that you want to spend time with. Unless you hurt someone, this acre is all yours.

Probably worth putting up a decent fence, so that only the attitudes that you choose will have a chance to put down seeds, but it’s certainly a bad idea to put up a wall, because a walled garden is no good to anyone passing by. You get to decide what comes through your fence gate, right?

Watching out for invasive species—spending sufficient time on weeding and pruning and staking seem to be incredibly powerful tools for accomplishing the life you want. I refuse to accept that an attitude is an accident of birth or an unchangeable constant. That would be truly horrible to contemplate.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Good luck with your garden.

And watch out for those invasive species!

To an extraordinarily large degree we get to choose our own attitude.  Took me a while to understand and embrace that idea.  But the more experience I gain, the more I believe it is true.

P.S. You really should read Seth Godin’s blog everyday.

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