Tips for churches: Time to get a new credit card reader. A tool for document retention timelines.

If you are using a credit card reader in your church, time to get a new one. A tool to help with setting up timelines for document retention. Also, pastors, please guard your heart.

Guard your heart

To all the dear pastors devoting your life to leading us sheep: Guard your heart.

6/21 – Christianity Today – Tullian Tchividjian Resigns after Admitting ‘Inappropriate Relationship’

Guard your heart. Please.

Get new credit card reader before October 1


Are timelines of a document retention policy onerous? Yup.

When you look at the recommended retention times in a document retention policy you will see time frames like three years or seven years. For employment records you’ll see recommendations of seven years after termination.

I’m not an attorney, so I’ll discuss this from the perspective of an accountant.

You may look at those timelines and think that is quite burdensome. Well, yes, it probably is. So is sorting out what stuff gets put in which category.

However, those sorts of timelines are now the best practice for document retention. (more…)

Sample document retention and destruction policies for religious nonprofit organizations

It is becoming increasingly important for nonprofit organizations to have a policy describing how long to keep different kinds of documents. A key part of any policy is to describe how and when to place a hold on document destruction.

Here are a few samples you could use to develop a document retention and destruction policy for your organization. Because of the wide-ranging legal issues, variations by state, and circumstantial application, I’m not comfortable producing a sample policy.

I have found a few that you could use as a starting point.  Here are some samples for your consideration.