Portion of churches with revenue greater than expenses

Superb infograph shows percentage of churches whose income is greater than their expenses.

Lesson I draw from the graph:  Recovery from the Great Recession has been slow for churches. Many churches are still struggling. Those are the results I would expect to see.

Visit Church Law & Tax extract from their March 2015 edition of Church Finance Today: Percentage of Churches with Income Exceeding Expenses their analysis is broken out into nine different regions of the United States.

A few pieces of information:

  • 35% – Pacific – Washington, Oregon, and California
  • 50% – mountain – Idaho and Montana south to Arizona and New Mexico – this is the highest percentage of any region
  • 44% – West-south-central – Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana
  • 34% – New England – Massachusetts north to Maine, excluding New York – this is the lowest regional percentage

The page linked above does not explicitly say what time frame is covered. It might be calendar year 2015, although April seems to be a little early to have accumulated enough data to report. Could also be fiscal years.

Check out the infograph. It will be well worth your time.

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