2014 trends in church giving

Church Law & Tax reports responses from 1,151 churches to describe Church Giving Trends over the Last Year (2014). Great info graphic at the link. Check it out.

Here’s the summary:

  • 29% – portion of churches reporting a decrease in giving of 2% or more
  • 29% – portion with giving levels about the same, which is defined in the survey as plus or minus 2%
  • 41% – portion reporting giving going up 2% or more

If you want to round that off to rough portions, that is about a third of churches with income declining, a third about the same, and roughly a third seeing giving levels going up.

Churches reporting a decrease provide this magnitude:

  • 9% – drop between 2% and under 5%
  • 12% – drop of 5% up to 10%
  • 8% –  drop by over 10%

Churches reporting an increase show these changes in giving:

  • 20% – increase between 2% and under 5%
  • 14 % – increase of 5% up to 10%
  • 7 % – increase by over 10%

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