First hint about the FTC enforcement actions to be announced later today

Last evening Mr. William P. Barrett (@WilliamPBarrett) tweeted:

FTC fundraising fraud lawsuit filed in Arizona federal court against #CancerFundOfAmerica and Cancer Support Services, but no individuals

Tweet has no link to articles but does point to the discussion of Cancer Fund of America at the America’s Worst Charities website. They are #2 on the list. Cancer Support Services isn’t on that list. After a cursory search, I can’t find any other discussion of the FTC’s action.

If that is a correct description of the targets of the enforcement action, you can start your reading by following that link.

The FTC announcement of a press conference is here.

I will be in a continuing education class all day so will follow any news sporadically. Haven’t decided if I’m going to step out of the class so I can listen in to the press conference. (I claim to be part of the media for this issue!) The scheduled time is in the middle of one of the most important classes.

If you have been reading this blog, you may want to pay attention to the coverage that seems likely to develop today.

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