Exercise is boring. So are internal controls. You need to do both.

Exercise is boring.

Sometimes the stretching after a run is painful.

Yet exercise is critical for good health overall.

Stretching is imperative to prevent injury next time you run. I’m not a runner, but I understand you really need to stretch after this run to reduce the serious risk of injury on your next outing.

Internal controls and all those accounting procedures are the same thing as exercise and the painful stretching, according to Rumbi Bwerinofa.

You need to do all that accounting stuff for your organization to stay healthy. Structural illness awaits those to don’t do the basic stuff.

You really, really need to do the internal control stuff to prevent horribly painful fraud injuries. There is serious danger of tragedy if you don’t practice those painful stretches and internal controls.

She explains this comparison in more detail and far better than I do in her article at The F Student – It’s a Good Hurt.

Check it out.

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