Comments from others on the IRS audit of Food for the Hungry

A few comments and observations are starting to appear about the IRS audit of Food for the Hungry. Here are a few I’ve seen:

Ms. Carol Barnard provides a good summary at the Aronson Nonprofit Report blog – Over-stated Value of Donated Medicine Gets Charity in Big Trouble with the IRS.

Mr. Peter Farnsworth describes the situation with a few thoughts and observations at his blog, TheNonProfitCFOGIKS Gone Wild.

Mr. Timothy Murphy has a brief comment on the article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy. See the second comment at IRS Levies Fine on Food for the Hungry Over Drug Valuations.

The Chronicle article has some updated comments in it. If you are still reading this post, it might be worth your time to re-read the article.  Mr. Farnsworth also has a comment in that article, which is parallel to his blog post.

Full disclosure: Mr. Murphy and I were colleagues at Capin Crouse.

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