Annual giving trend report for ECFA members

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) released their second Annual State of Giving Report

Donations to all of their members in 2010 increased by 5.8% over 2009.

A few comments on interpreting the data.

First, the data is for 2010, so it may be a bit stale, but the data is really solid. It is based on the financial statements submitted by their members, which means a CPA was involved in reporting on the numbers either through an audit, review, or compilation. Also, the statistic is based on all of their members and is not a survey.  Finally, it is based on a complete population, excluding organizations that were not members a year earlier. Therefore, this is a good indicator of trends.

Comments on the first annual report are here.

A few highlights of changes in 2010 by sector:

  • child sponsorship  +24.3
  • Adoption  +14.7%
  • church – denomination  +4.4
  • church – local +4.6%
  • missions – international  -1.9%
  • missions – domestic  -1.7%
  • missions – short-term  +13.4%
  • medical  -15.8%

See the full article at 2011 ECFA Annual State of Giving Report.

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