Where to start on a social media policy? Simple starting ideas.

(cross-posted from my other blog, Attestation Update.)You and your staff are using social media.  That’s not going to change.

If you haven’t done so, it might be wise to offer some guidance on how to use all the great tools that are available.

A good place to start is a short discussion in the CalCPA September 2011 article on using social media for recruiting. Discussion on social media policy is on page 4 of this article: social recruiting.

You could do far worse than have the three dos and three don’ts mentioned in the article. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Indentify yourself and employer, speak in first person, speak just for yourself.
  • Don’t defame or abuse people, don’t reveal private info, and don’t make the employer or other employees look bad.

You could have a policy in six sentences, if you wanted.

Check out the article. It is a very quick read, less than a page.

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