You probably should check your LinkedIn privacy settings

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Looked at my settings.  Much to my surprise, I found out I had opted-in to have my name and photo included in ads for products. Might be worth checking your settings.

First tidbit – social ads.  Technique of using your photo and name on ads shown to people in your network for items that you have recommended or followed.

Second tidbit – you have to opt-out of social ads.


Go to settings. Choose account. Choose Manage Social Advertising. I found the opt-in box was already checked. I unchecked it.

While you are in the neighborhood, may as well look at Turn on-off enhanced advertising. I found the opt-in box already checked here as well and changed that.

Here’s an article on point:

LinkedIn: Surprise changes to defaults affect your privacy, by Michael Kasner at TechRepublic.  Lots of great info in the article.

Might be worth checking it out.

Hat tip to Prof Albrecht at The Summa

One thought on “You probably should check your LinkedIn privacy settings

  1. Wow, thanks for the tip. I had no idea. It seems like alot of these social media sites are making you opt-out rather than opt-in…I just read about Facebook automatically listing all of the phone numbers from your phonebook.

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