Compilation and Review: Practice Issues (Third Edition) CPE course now available online

I have written a 3-hour online CPE course called Compilation and Review: Practice Issues (Third Edition). It is now available at the CCH Learning Center website.

Here’s what the course covers, from the CCH site:

This course was prepared to enable participants who are experienced accountants to improve their knowledge of the issues affecting their compilation and review practices. More specifically, upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Identify alternatives for reporting other than GAAP financial statements with full disclosures
  • Name the effective date for SSARS 19 and list transition issues for reports prior to the effective date
  • Define unconditional requirements and presumptively mandatory requirements
  • Identify unconditional requirements and presumptively mandatory requirements in SSARS
  • Identify documentation requirements for a compilation and review
  • Develop compilation and review reports for basic reporting situations
  • List some Internet resources available to CPAs
  • State reasons for an increased need for accountants to monitor developments in the accounting field
  • Identify when the Quality Control Standards apply to an accounting practice
  • Describe the nature of an engagement quality control review and identify that a firm should define the criteria for when such a review is necessary
  • Identify major changes in the peer review program that will affect a firm during its next peer review
  • Describe how changes in the peer review program will affect a firm during its first review or during its next review

Three more classes are in the pipeline. They will each be 2 hours:

  • Compilation and Review: Introduction
  • Compilation and Review: Compilations
  • Compilation and Review: Reviews

The Introduction course will be a prerequisite for the Compilation and Review courses.  This is because it will cover background common to both comps and reviews and the portions of the SSARS that apply to both areas.  The comp and review courses will each cover those areas of the SSARS that only apply to that area.  So if you only provide compilations or reviews, you would only need to go through two of the courses.

Will let you know as those courses are brought online.

Full disclosure is a good thing.  I wrote the course, so I obviously was compensated for my effort. However, I don’t get a commission on each course.

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