Are home addresses shown to the world on your 990 for board members and officers?

Recently, I have been looking at a number of 990s.  One thing I have observed with unsettling frequency is that when the form calls for an address of an officer or board member, the address listed looks like a home address.  My firm lists the ministry address when an address is needed.  I think that is the process used by all of the colleagues I keep in touch with and that is the predominant practice I have observed on 990s prepared by others. 

Remember that 990s are available on (see above post.)  Do you really want your board members to have their addresses out there in cyberspace?  That could cause problems someday  This is even more sensitive if you are an organization that is involved in controversial issues. 

The new forms do not require an address, so don’t volunteer them.

Double check what is said on your 990.  It might be wise to look at the returns for the last few years to see if there are addresses listed that you really don’t want to turn into public information.

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