Scam watch – you don’t have to pay someone a bunch of money to file your SOI-100

Previously discussed a scam where someone is sending letters saying businesses need to pay $370 to file the renewal of a fictitious business name license.  Those are also called a doing-business-as name.

You also don’t have to pay anyone to file a Statement of Information (SOI-100) with the California Secretary of State.  That is the form that nonprofit organizations need to file every two years.  I previously mentioned that form in this post.

When I sent a complaint to the Attorney General about the FBN scam, they sent a form letter in reply.  I’m perfectly happy with getting a form letter since they obviously can’t say anything about the status of their investigation.  That’s fine.

They also sent back a Customer Alert saying there is someone trying to get money from businesses and NPOs for “help” filing their SOI-100 forms.

Don’t fall for it.  As the AG says, it is a “misleading solicitation.”  I call it a scam.  Interesting comment from the AG is that sending a completed form and big check to this outfit will not comply with the state law.  You could get taken and still not comply with the filing requirement.

So what to do?

The form is really simple.  You can do it yourself.  The filing fee is only $20.

For NPOs, you can find the form here.

Other types of organizations can find the appropriate form here.

The most difficult thing about the form is remembering to file it every two years in the month the corporation was formed.

You can print the form and mail it in with check for $20.  If it’s easier, you could use the on-line form and a credit card for the filing fee.  The Secretary of State has made it really easy.

Will only take a few minutes and ONLY $20.  Don’t get taken by one of the scammers.

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