“Put your name on it”

That is the title of a post by Seth Godin.

Here is his comment, which I quote in full:

Is there a simpler way to improve quality and responsiveness?

If you can’t sign it, don’t ship it.

Easy to say, hard to do. Many people choose to work for a big organization precisely so they can avoid signing much of anything.

I run a  CPA firm. Nothing focuses my brain (and guts) more than putting my signature on an audit report.

That’s my name on the line.

Backing up that signature is my reputation. My money. My house. My future earning potential. Does wonders to improve my focus.

Every minute of work I do on an audit feeds into that signature.

The amazing thing?

Putting my name on the report is incredibly liberating. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

 If you want to increase buy-in and quality, figure out some way to get your staff to put their name on it.

 P.S. I quote Mr. Godin’s entire post because he said in one of his books he wants people to expand on his posts. That is my goal.

One Response to “Put your name on it”

  1. Good post. Very thought-provoking and to the point. Signatures = accountability.

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