How’s this for creativity? Teaching accounting, auditing, and IT through a murder mystery?

I am enjoying the idea of teaching accounting or economics or other complex stuff through some creative method. Have had several posts on the topic. So intrigued by the idea that I’ve started producing cartoons. (See my other blog, once upon internal control.)

How’s this for an idea? Writing a full-length murder mystery novel with the goal of teaching auditing, taxes, IT and forensic accounting. That has been the approach of Prof. Larry Crumbley. In his spare time he has written 13 educational novels. Started back in 1988.

Why do I mention this? By looking at creative tools others are using to teach and explain, we can stretch our brains and come up with better ways to explain ideas in our field of expertise or passion.

You can see a longer discussion by Prof. David Albrecht at his post Accosting the Golden Spire. That is where I came across Prof. Crumbley’s writing.

His most recent book is: Trap Doors and Trojan Horses: An Auditing Action Adventure

I have a copy ordered. Looking forward to the read.

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