No Two Alike – (so lighten up)

No Two Alike

Why do they sing choruses/hymns? What’s wrong with hymns/choruses?

Why do they build cathedrals/shacks? What’s wrong with simplicity/honor?

Why do they stand/sit during worship? What’s wrong with sitting/standing?

Why do they ignore/demand time? What’s wrong with punctuality/relationship?

Why do they dress up/dressed down for church? What’s wrong with comfort/class?

Why do they have long/short statements of faith? What’s wrong with grace/correctness?

What do they sit like stones/jump like clowns? What’s wrong with participation/reference?

God creates us like snowflakes, no two alike. Then, He broadcasts us throughout creation like sea’s sand or night’s stars. Such abundance mixed with freewill yields nearly infinite variety. So, why is it that, even as we revel in divine freedom, we also despise freedom’s fruit?

What happened the last time you discovered that your hokey was someone else’s holy?

No Two Alike, from Call for News, copyright 2010 by J. R. Manley. Used by permission.

This devotion resonated with me because I have observed the broad spectrum of the Christian community for over 20 years. Notice that not one of those questions deals with biblical truths or core doctrine.

Inside your church or parachurch ministry, go ahead and sing choruses, sit during worship service, and develop a 40 page doctrinal statement. If you are an elder or pastor, insist upon doing so. Don’t you dare compromise your beliefs inside your organization.

When you are dealing with the other 90% of the kingdom consisting of people who are madly and passionately in love with the same Lord as you and then you realize they have a different answer to every one of the above questions, lighten up.

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