What’s the dollar value of what a church contributes to the community?

Christianity Today points to a study which starts to answer the question.  Their article What’s a Congregation Worth? provides a nice illustration of a 1997 study by Professor Ram Cnaan. 

In his study, he quantifies an urban congregation contributes around $140,000 of value to the local community.  CT states he updated his estimate to $476,000 in 2009.

Some of the factors quantified:

  • divorces prevented
  • volunteer hours worked
  • church budget – most of which stays in local community
  • helping people gain employment
  • getting people off drugs and alcohol

Anyone interested in a really cool research project?  Try to quantify the impact today. Maybe different types of churches.  Different kinds of programs.

Dr. Cnaan’s research shows a church’s contribution to the community can be quantified.

By the way, the article counts as a very good illustration of data.  Perhaps not a visualization, but still very nice.

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