Tragedy of Fraud – part 5 – becoming fodder for blog posts

One of the ripple effects when a fraud incident hits the papers is that you become fodder for snide comments in the blogosphere.  I suppose the same thing would apply to any incident that hits the newspapers.

Spent some time today looking for follow-up news on the fraud incident I have been following.  (All of my posts have been combined into one page, which can be found here.)  One of the ideas I’ve focused on is that the repercussions of a fraud spread out like ripples in a pond when you toss a rock in.

I can’t find any new public documents on the case.  Presumably the individual is now serving his 270 day sentence.

The newest ripple spreading out from this fraud incident can be seen in a lot of the blog posts.  In my Internet research I noticed a large volume of posts on the case.  Quite a few of them were snarky.

Some comments were in the “what else would you expect from a former Muslim?” category, which obviously ignores that this person’s conversion is reported to have taken place 12 years ago.  At the opposite end were the “what else would you expect from an apostate from the true religion?” From those who don’t believe in any God came the “what else would you expect from an evangelical?” and the “what else would you expect from one of those crazy kooky megachurches?” posts.  One website makes it their business to post every story they can find on legal cases against Christians.

Since the Internet is permanent, these posts will be around as long as those authors wish to continue blogging.  Even when they close down their blogs, the Google memory machine will have the ‘cached’ articles available for your reading pleasure several decades from now.

So one more broad ripple effect of a fraud incident is that your children/grandchildren/closest friends/bitterest enemies can read snide/rude comments regarding your failures for the next 20 or 30 years.

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