How to get 20 co-workers fired – today’s lesson on how NOT to use social media

Seems that a fellow who was doing some marketing work for Chrysler sent out a tweet criticizing the driving skills of Detroit drivers and threw in an obscenity for spice.  He sent the tweet while stuck in traffic. 

Unfortunately, he accidentally used the Chrysler brand twitter feed instead of his personal twitter account. 


Chrysler decided to end the contract with his employer.  Can’t say I blame them one bit.  Loosing that big of a contract led his employer to let go 20 people. 

Double oops.

Twenty people out of work over a dumb twitter post.

A few lessons learned:

  • Watch your language.  All the time.  Always.
  • Always keep in mind anything you send out by twitter post, e-mail, blog post, voice message, or text could accidentally go to the wrong person.
  • Don’t bad mouth your customers.  It might be really bad for business.
  • Finally, maybe it would be good to keep your cool when stuck in traffic.

Thanks to Going Concern for pointing out the article.

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