Move the “Reply All” button to reduce the chance you will becoming the subject of a newspaper article

Various tales of disasters arising from people hitting the ‘reply all’ button were told in an article from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.  Simultaneously entertaining to see other’s embarrassment and fear-inducing that you could do the same thing.   I’d like to give you a link so you can read the full article, but it looks like the WSJ doesn’t like that idea anymore. 

Got a great idea from the article you might enjoy:

Move the ‘reply all’ button so you can’t accidentally hit it.  Also requires a more intentional effort to choose that option.

Just moved the button on my machine.  Give this a try:

  • Right click on any menu item
  • customize
  • commands
  • rearrange commands
  • click toolbar
  • highlight the ‘reply to all’ button
  • click the “move down” button to drop ‘reply all’ down – keep clicking until it drops down as far as you want
  • close
  • close again

Bingo!  ‘Reply all’ is way off to the right, far, far away from the ‘reply’ button.

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