When you try to “make it happen” something will block you. What to do then?

“It” is your dream.  The thing you wanted to do since you were a kid.  That incredible idea in the back of your mind that would change the world, make life better for oh-so-many people, or end the social injustice that fires righteous fury in your heart.  Take your pick. 

You know what “it” is.  Make it happen.

Seth Godin provides constant encouragement in that direction.  In Maybe Next Year, he says the time will never, ever be right to launch your dream.  Because the time will never be right, get going now.

It is completely Unreasonable to do things right, do things well, or launch your dream, says Seth.  Yup.  Totally unreasonable.  Yet other people are doing it every single day. 

So get started.

Today’s point – there is a huge possibility that something will happen to totally block your dream.  Yup.  Something will stop you.  What to do?  Keep going, work around the obstacle, adapt, and fulfill your dream.

My friend John Bredehoft discusses in his post How the Twentieth Century Contributed to Conan 2.0 that Conan O’Brien dreamed since childhood of replacing Johnny Carson as host of the Tonight Show.  Shattering of the dream did not shatter Conan.  He has adapted, used twitter technology to grow, and has gain more influence.  He has achieved a bigger dream with more influence than he dreamed as a child.

John points out that other people (Letterman, Rivers) did not achieve their dream of hosting the Tonight Show and moved forward and went on to achieve other big dreams.

We may not have the skill set to host a TV show.  In the nonprofit world we have far bigger dreams though– we want to change the world.  We do have the skill set and the dream to do that.  One of the greatest compliments a believer could receive would be standing accused of “turning the world upside down”. 

Make it happen.  And when something creates an insurmountable obstacle, make your dream happen.

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