Outcome measures – Why does it matter to other NPOs that churches might be able to measure spiritual maturity?

The most exciting thing to me from Reveal: Where Are You (discussed here) is that it IS possible to measure such things as spiritual maturity.  You CAN quantify that outcome measure in a local church.

Opening that door in turn opens the door to measuring other intangibles.

It’s an incredible encouragement to think you could find some way to measure those types of outcomes in your NPO.  I have heard of creative ways to statistically measure the impact of abstinence training.  One of my clients has several research projects underway to quantify the impact of their training programs in Africa and Asia. 

If you work with addicts, isn’t the deepest desire of your heart to get people away from that junk and give them tools to stabilize their lives?  How wonderful it would be to figure out how to track individuals and quantify the long-term results of your efforts.  You can apply this measurement concept to whatever program focus you are working with.

The even more incredible opportunity, after we can measure outcomes, is ask ourselves the even harder question of what worked and what didn’t work.  What parts of your program are getting in the way of making a change?  If we can find out, then we can dump the stuff that is wasted effort and put all our focus on how to change the world.  How incredible would that be?

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