Peering Forward – Technology will change even faster

I’ve been talking about the Winter 2010 Outcomes from Christian Leadership Alliance. You would learn and stretch if you could take a few minutes and browse the issue.

Kevin Ring has a great article, Future-Proof Ministries that talks through some of the current and long-term tech issues.

This is the article that gave the Schmidt and Kurzweil comments I mentioned earlier, saying we are generating more information in two days than in all of history through 2003 and we will have 20,000 years worth of tech change in the next 100 years.

Ring focuses us on the need to pay attention to technology changes at many levels. 

While anyone reading this blog is probably heavily focused on web-based technology, he draws our attention to television and mobile phones as the technology having the biggest impact around the world now.  This is counter-intuitive, but makes sense when you think about it.  In most of the world where there is minimal technology of any kind, television has tremendous educational power.  In places where farmers in the local market know nothing of prices two villages over, mobile phones provide powerful tools to find out whether your goods could sell for higher price down the road or if there are actually some buyers in the opposite direction.  In places where doctors are a two-day walk away, phones can provide a timely diagnosis when you can talk to someone right now who has medical knowledge.  If your ministry works in majority-world places, the highest impact might just be in TV or phones, not some cool, just-released app.

For those of us working in high-tech cultures, Mr. Ring points to three technologies that will have a huge impact.  Quoting him:

“Social media will become the platform upon which people live their lives.”

“Analyticals will allow ministries to access the power of real-time information gathering and analysis.”  (Extracting real-time, usable knowledge from your database will be easier with ever-more powerful computers.)

“Cloud computing will transform the role of ministry IT.”

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