The Tragedy of Fraud – part 2

Previously discussed the tragedy of fraud.  The ripple effects of the massive Madoff fraud have been spreading.  The ripples include a lost life this past week. 

As you recall, Bernard Madoff was convicted of running a huge Ponzi scheme and is currently serving a 150 year sentence. 

Madoff’s son ended his life last week.  Out of respect for the family, I won’t provide his name here or much else in the way of details.  News reports clearly indicate the son has been under severe pressure dealing with the after-effects of the fraud.  That is the apparent causative factor in his taking his own life.

Please pray for the son’s family.  News reports indicate his wife and children have been devastated, which is quite understandable.

My guess is that Bernard Madoff was not counting on the death of his son as part of the cost of the fraud.  Such are the horrible, unexpected consequences of fraud.

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