To drop your web site or not drop your web site – it depends on your assessment of risk

Looks like I’ve taken both sides of this issue: suggesting you drop your web site and put all your effort into developing a Facebook ‘page’ on this post, and then saying taking that approach is such a significant risk that you should seriously consider not doing so on this post.

Which is it?  I have not seen anyone actually drop their website and put all their effort into a Facebook presence, but I am reading about it.  Why mention it to my audience?  Because the world is bigger than the limit of my vision or experience.

So, should you drop your website in favor of putting all effort into a Facebook page?  In the best of CPA tradition, my final position is it depends.

It depends on your assessment of the risk.

If you are working on a short-term project, such as promoting a book or special event, then makes sense to skip the web site.

If you are very nimble and can move fast (meaning you can get a website going in a few days), or if you wouldn’t need to have a complex website (meaning you could get a replacement on-line easily) then you could skip a website and take the risk of being on someone else’s platform.

If the purpose of your internet presence is just to get impulse buyers into your store or generate traffic to a one-time event, then skip the website.  You could put up a replacement easily.

If your primary client source or revenue stream is not through the internet (such as word-of-mouth or a referral network) then the Facebook or website issue is not a big deal one way or the other.

On the other hand….

If your ministry or business is critically dependent on internet traffic, the risk of loosing your only access to the internet is far too high to accept.  In that case, loosing your sole source of traffic could be fatal.  Probably better to have both Facebook page and website.

If your business or ministry is working with an issue that is unpopular or controversial, you could find yourself the subject of an attack or boycott threat.  In that case, the social media platform might dump you because of the grief you have attracted.  Those of you ministering in a controversial issue know who you are.  In that situation, the consequence would not fatal but the risk is much higher than for other organizations.  Thus, better have a website to go with your social media platform to diversify your risk.

So the answer is look at your risk.  Consider the chance that you could lose your social media platform and how serious a problem that would create for you.  Then proceed accordingly.

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